The first clothes dryer in recorded history was the sun.  The closest star to planet earth is still in existence, however it’s not very practical during the winter months in Windsor.  The first mechanical dryers were hand cranked.  Wet clothes were pulled from the basin and pushed through 2 rollers operated by our grandmothers.  They would place clothes and linens on the line and wait for mother nature to do her work.  Clothes were hung on the back porch from November through March to avoid frozen results.  We’ve come a long way since the ‘good’ old days.  Today, no one has time to wait days for clothes to dry.  When your automatic dryer malfunctions, contact us for a prompt solution.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
The most frequent size of malfunction is damp clothes.  Customers notice that it takes longer for clothes to dry.  They may have to run 2 complete cycles to yield the desired results.  This wastes time, energy and money.  In rare cases, you may notice singed clothing.  Worse case scenarios include not starting at all.  The timer may also cease working.  When your dryer is its way out, it will become loud and cantankerous.  Your mind is not playing tricks on you.  This is not how it behaved when you first purchased it. Occur during, try out your current good fortune new online casino australia real money.  When you notice premature dryer failure, don’t wait for the problem to exacerbate.  Contact Windsor Appliance Repair Experts right away.

Malfunctioning Door
The most technologically advanced dryers lock until the cycle is complete.  Attempting to pry it open to pop forgotten socks inside is counter productive.  This is typically the cause of a malfunctioning door.  Allow the dryer to do what it wants to do.  It has artificial intelligence built in, along with a temperature gauge that determines how it will dry your delicates, synthetics and cottons.  There may be an issue with the motherboard.  In that case, we can repair or replace it.  The latch may have worn down via normal wear and tear.  We stock latches for most well known brands in Canada.

Clean Lint Filters
In their most basic form, dryers are very simple.  It doesn’t take much to keep them running efficiently.  Don’t advance the timer unnecessarily and clean the filters regularly.  The lint filter is extremely accessible and takes less than 30 seconds to clean.  As your clothing and linens tumble inside the drum, lint particles are released.  The job of the lint filter is to collect the particles before they get trapped inside the ventilation system.  If too many lint particles accumulate, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.  This is just one tip to ensure that your dryer operates in tip top condition.

Invest in A Drying Rack
Automated dryers are ubiquitous in modern society.  We use them to dry everything from bedding to shoes.  There are a few things that shouldn’t go in a dryer.  Delicate undergarments and lingerie are better off air dried on a collapsible drying rack.  Lace, satin and elastic bands don’t hold up well under intense heat.  Athletic wear is tres chic and is worn from the boardroom to the yoga studio.  Athleisure is comprised of viscose, Lycra and other synthetic fabrics.  They are often coated in a moisture wicking solution that dissipates over time when exposed to extreme temperatures inside your dryer.  Save energy and protect your $100 Lululemon pants by investing in a drying rack.