While we are all for saving the environment, we’d hate to see you go back to hand scrubbing on washboards.  We’ve come a long way since the first hand cranked washing machine was invented in 1908.  Instead of enduring the inconvenience until you run out of clean clothes, contact Windsor Appliance Repair Experts as soon as you notice that your washing machine is not functioning as intended.  A minor malfunction can turn into an expensive repair.  We offer complementary analyses and estimates.  You can trust that our technicians will not recommend unnecessary repairs.  The technician will provide you with a quote you can rely upon.

Top and Front Loading Washing Machine Repairs
Front loading washing machines are designed to be more energy efficient than top loading versions.  Regardless of the type of machine in your home or business, we are qualified to handle the job.  It is our mission to render superior washing machine repairs quickly and with precision.  We understand how vital washing machines are to dry cleaners, laundromats, hair salons and adult assisted living facilities.  Windsor Appliance Repair Experts is factory trained and certified to fix commercial and residential washing machines.  We applaud new mothers who choose to use cotton diapers for their babies.  Should the sanitation cycle malfunction, contact us for a swift repair.

Cheaper to Keep Her
This phrase is normally reserved for married couples in discord.  It also applies to washing machines.  New washing machines are seductive, with their bright colors, bells and whistles.  They do everything except load the clothes into the machine!  No matter how tantalizing a fancy new machine may be, it’s cheaper to keep her.  When you consider that a new model costs between $325 and $2680, you’ll re-evaluate your decision to toss out the old unit.  To repair your seasoned washing machine is $155 to $650 for labor + parts.  When you do the math, it’s easy to see that you are a match made in heaven.

Washing Machine Protocol
The stove is the workhorse of the kitchen.  The washing machine is known as the mule of the laundry room.  To preserve the integrity of your washing machine, put your shoes in a perforated laundry bag before tossing them in the machine.  Remember to check your pockets for paper, keys, earrings and other inappropriate items.  They have a tendency to dent and clog the machine. While it may be tempting, do not overload the machine.  Your clothes won’t be as clean as you’d like and they will emerge from the washer wrinkled.  Overloading is also the culprit of the ‘walking’ machine, which damages your floor and the machine.

Old Model vs. New Model Repair
You’ll find that some mechanics haven’t kept up with the technological advances within the automotive industry.  They are no longer relevant because they didn’t continue their education.  At Windsor Appliance Repair Experts, we make sure that our technician’s factory certification is valid.  We encourage continued education through sponsorship.  Each washing machine expert has a minimum of 7 years experience under her tool belt.  In other words, they are more than qualified to repair astute, artificially intelligent units.  Their years of experience also renders them perfectly suited to repair vintage models.