Appliance Repair in Windsor, Ontario

Welcome to Windsor Appliance Repair Experts, where we specialize in washer and dryer repair, stove repair, oven repair and fridge repair. We are ranked the #1 Appliances repair service in Essex County. We believe it’s cheaper to keep her. Don’t throw out good appliances because they happen to malfunction. We can repair your appliances and show you how to maintenance them throughout the year. Life is too short to live with broken appliances.

​Our technicians possess the skills to bring your flat iron, essential oil diffuser and TV back from the dead. Contact us for a free estimate and analysis.

About Us

Windsor Appliance Repair Experts is family owned and operated. We have provided Windsorites with superior quality appliance repair since 1999. It is difficult to find appliance repair in Windsor that is professional and low priced. We are an appliance service that you can count on. Our technicians will repair your fridge, dishwasher and microwave in a timely manner. Each appliance expert has a minimum of 7 years of experience. They are factory trained and certified to work on most major brands in Canada. To learn more about our qualifications, contact us via email or phone.

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    Our Services

    At Windsor Appliance Repair Experts, we stay in our own lane. We don’t attempt to know all things about everything. We are known throughout Windsor for affordable appliance repair. Our technicians provide home repair services, washer machine repair, refrigerator appliances repair and TV repair service. The whole point of repairing appliances is to save money. We offer free estimates to help you save money. Our team is capable of repairing appliances large and small. Gas, electric and solar models are in good hands with us. We are members of the North American Appliance Repair Association. Call us for a complete menu of services and fees.

    Refrigerator Repair

    For affordable refrigerator repair service, contact us. Windsor Appliance Repair Experts are adept in freezer repair and fridge repairs. We have experience with top mounted, bottom mounted and side by side refrigerators. If your unit is older than 15 years, we will keep in real with you and suggest you let it go. For clients who are not ready to make an investment into a new model, we will do our best to extend the life of your fridge for as long as possible.

    Dishwasher Repair

    If a new dishwasher costs between $325 and $2615, wouldn’t you rather save money and repair the existing one? Windsor Appliance Repair Experts provides dishwasher repair service at a price you can afford. If your machine is overflowing, not draining properly or emitting a foul odor, contact us right away. We can repair broken timers, replace worn out thermostats and mend soap dispensers. We offer comprehensive dishwasher warranties for your security and convenience.

    “I was searching for appliance repair near me. My microwave oven repair had stopped working all of a sudden. I didn’t want to buy a new one, so I gave Windsor Appliance Repair Experts a call. They impressed me with their prompt ETA and knowledge. Tom fixed my microwave on the spot.” – Hillary W.

    Dryer Repair

    One of the things our clients constantly praise us for providing them with information to extend the lifespans of their dryers. Once the manufacturers warranty expires, dryers go downhill quickly. With proper maintenance and care, automated dryers can last well beyond what’s normally expected. We offer A-1 dryer repair service for commercial and residential customers. Contact us for affordable Whirlpool dryer repair in Windsor and Essex County. Free estimates are available to all customers.

    Washer Repair

    Windsor Appliance Repair Experts possesses the skills and experience to service vintage and technologically advanced washing machines. Not only do we offer superior washer repair services but we also provide each customer with a washer repair protocol. We work with a myriad of brands, including Sears washer repair. Give us a call for a complete list of washers serviced. We work with top and front loading machines. Our technicians can even program your machine for the most energy efficient results.

    “I was looking for refrigerator repair near me. I found an old sky blue fridge with chrome trim, made in the 1950s from an estate sale. The goal was to clean it up and get it working again. While my friends doubted it was possible, Windsor Appliance Repair Experts made it a reality.” – Kim J.

    Over & Stone Repair

    The oven and stove are the workhorses of the kitchen. In order for your kitchen to run at optimal levels, the oven and stove must be in pristine condition. Prepare sumptuous meals and desserts with a unit that functions like a well oiled machine. A budget stove can cost about $300, while a top of the line unit is priced at $20,000. It’s cheaper to keep her. Shoot us an email for below market priced stove and oven repairs.

    “My electric razor and nose trimmer broke within the same week. I was on the look out for small appliance repair near me. That’s when I discovered Windsor Appliance Repair Experts. They repaired my items then went on to fix my daughter’s curling iron and my wife’s blow dryer.” – Hammond R.

    Call Us Today

    When you are in need of an an appliance repair man. Whirlpool repair or home appliance repairs, contact us via phone or email.  We are available for washer dryer repair 24/7.  Emergencies don’t make appointment but you can!  Our team is factory trained and certified to work on a variety of mainstream and lesser known brands, we also have partners in US if you are ever in need of appliance repair services while you are there.  There is no appliance too big or too small for us.  Call us to repair large washer and dryers or hand-held, hair dryers and water picks.  Before you throw out that electric toothbrush, send us an email with a photo, brand name and model.  We may be able to repair it at minimal cost.