LED Panel lights are installed to bring you maximum brightness and illumination in larger spaces. You’ll often see LED panels in commercial spaces, as well as warehouses, industrial buildings, factories, and more. This is because LED panel lights offer extensive brightness to bigger rooms where standard light fixtures might fail to lighten evenly or efficiently. LED panel lights use the quantity of several light bulbs into a panel that then provide a stream of light, usually with several in one fixture.

Panel Lights
Panel lights are often used for broad spaces that require more lighting in bulk to brighten the space. Panel lights can help provide this, because they consist of several bulbs in a longer panel, which is then placed in a fixture, usually requiring several panels at a time. The panel lights themselves offer a fluorescent finish to a room’s lighting and makes it easier to navigate larger spaces. Using traditional light fixtures in extensively large spaces can result in a dimmed or darkened appearance, more energy being used, or several fixtures providing uneven brightness.

Using LED panel lights are great for illuminating a larger space in general, mostly because they can be just as efficient compared to several smaller lights working simultaneously. If you want a quick and easy way to illuminate a larger space, then we definitely recommend considering LED panel lights. With LED panel lights, you can see a drastic difference in the brightness of your room and LED lights have also proven to last longer than other types of bulbs.

Large Spaces
While you can have LED panel lights virtually anywhere, they’re often needed and more useful in larger spaces because of their functionality and practicality. Larger spaces benefit from the brightness of LED panel lights because they tend to have higher ceilings that accommodate the floor space. You’ll see this in spaces like warehouses, storage facilities, commercial spaces, and even factories. The LED lights brighten larger spaces that make it easier to see the work that needs to be done, such as moving boxes, assembling tools, and much more. However, you can also find panel lights in places like your kitchen or bar area, as well as your garage, or hallway.

Replacement Bulbs
Replacing the bulbs or LED panels of the light fixtures is no different than replacing the bulbs of any other light fixtures. The only difference is the type of bulbs you’ll have to purchase. You can usually find LED panel light replacements at home improvement stores and tool supply stores. They’re long panels that need to be fitted into your fixture. Therefore, it’s important to understand the measurements of your light fixtures so that you don’t buy panels that are too small or too large. Once you purchase the correct ones, we can unclip the existing ones in the light fixtures and replace them with the new ones. Most standard LED panel light fixtures contain at least 2 light panels per fixture.